Thank you to all of the following people who have made this possible by offering support, wisdom and encouragement:

Nina Bassuk

Donna & Bob Breglio

Lori Bushway

Martin Clement

Barbara Conolly

Ed Conolly

Chris Dalzell

Chris Davidson and Sharon Christophr

Kristin Deal (in memory)

Martha Deal

Len Deal

Marcia Eames-Sheavly

Bryan Emmett

Jeremy Foster

Matthew Fox (in memory)

Erica Frenay

Christine Hadekel

Di Higginson-Keath

Aley & Ethan Kent

Marianne Krasny

Nora Castro Macklin

Bob Marteal

Galen Marteal

Miles Marteal

Michael Melkovic

Adam Michaelidas

Margaret Moran

David & Kelly Moreland

Marvin Pritts

Jessica Ratcliff

Don Rakow

Nicholas Silins

Tamara Scott

Sonja Skelly

Michelle Stuhr

Gerardo Suazo

Debi and Mark Whittle

Sheila Wilson

Wendy Wirth

Lisa Witchey

Lucas Wooster (in memory)

William Frederick Dreer Award, Cornell University Department of Horticulture

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