About this Blog

With major funding through Cornell University’s Dreer Award, I have embarked on a profound journey of discovery.

Over the course of 6-7 months beginning in August 2010, I am traveling to Australia (QLD, NSW, VIC), New Zealand (North and South Islands) and Trinidad with the primary focus of bridging permaculture into botanic garden education.  (See the Itinerary page for the most up-to-date status on where I’ll be.)

The Mission: To make heads and tails of permaculture, perceptions of permaculture, and how permaculture addresses the educational missions of botanic gardens across the globe, as well as current barriers to adoption of permaculture practices by botanic gardens.  Ultimately, to assist in bridging permaculture into the botanic garden.

Itinerary:  See the plan, updated weekly.

Supporters:  See who has helped make this journey possible.  This project is greater than one person, and this is a glimpse of the larger team.

Resources & Links:  See some of the wonderful resources that provide context for this work.

This blog is relevant for anyone interested in any of the following:

  • permaculture
  • public gardens
  • edible gardening
  • environmental education
  • ecological literacy
  • sustainability and conservation issues
  • systems-thinking
  • ecological landscape design
  • global perspectives
  • branching into uncharted territory

Please visit weekly as there will be regular posts telling the story of this project as it unfolds.

4 responses to “About this Blog

  1. Vivian Whorley

    The site is looking interesting, coming together nicely. Best of luck in your travels searching out permaculture. From you first blog entry it sounds like few people are quite sure what it is, or where to start.

    We are interested where I work in permaculture, but I never got back to you about what we are doing b/c…well, we don’t quite know where to start.

    I am thinking that as you travel, and continue to define permaculure, it will give the rest of us out here a jumping off place to think of how we can get involved. I am interested to see your travels unfold and bring a better understanding of permaculture to us all.
    Vivian Whorley
    Horticulturist, Native Plant Propagation

    • Hi VIvian,

      Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your encouragement, and hope that this week’s post helped begin to address your interest in how we define permaculture. It really is such a giant discussion. However the topic of what permaculture actually is will resurface again and again through the unfolding of this blog, especially in relation to how it relates to public gardens. Best,

  2. Erin! So happy you are in Trinidad – sweating with the natives. LOVE the blog and pictures and so proud of you and the boys. Head to Tobago, dance to calypso, eat some curry and marvel at the biodiversity of my small, sweet island.

    Much love,

  3. This all sounds and looks amazing Erin. I’m so glad you are blogging so we can follow along.

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