Monthly Archives: October 2011

Dear Readers, I’m easing back in.

Dear fans & advocates of permaculture in public gardens,

It’s been a great long while since last I blogged about one of my all time favorite topics,  but I hope you’ll find my excuse compelling.  It has had nothing to do with wayward interests or distractions or busy-ness.  Well in part it does have to do with busy-ness. The truth is,  I have arrived in the place I feel I was meant to be all along- smack dab in the middle of  the Ithaca Children’s Garden.

After concluding my travels in February, I spent a good solid month nesting and bracing against the inhospitable winter, and began to implement some of the permaculture notions we had been dreaming up while away.

Hardly any time passed before I found myself, quite willingly,  in the position of executive director of the Ithaca Children’s Garden.  It has been a thrilling 5 months since then, and we’re already accomplished so much, not the least has been building an exceptional board of directors.

There is much to say about the organization, and the garden, and I can’t wait to share it with you all.  In due time, in due time.

Suffice to say, for now, is a magical place with whimsy galore, and sustainability infused in its fiber.  It doesn’t make any claims about permaculture, however, keep your eyes out, as we design for a journey down that road.

The work we will be doing is transformative work, which takes time.   However there is no time to waste, and things are already moving.

For starters, we will be launching a new website November 23.  Yes, the day before Thanksgiving!  Which means once you’ve cooked your meal and cleaned the dishes, and before you fall asleep, you can sit back with your cup of tea or your homebrew and read all about the Ithaca Children’s Garden to your heart’s content.

This is a journey worth waiting for!

Happy to be back to my blog, dear readers.  I look forward to staying in touch.