Permaculture Praise

Five months into my 6-month Dreer travels, I reflect back to the origins of this course of study I’ve been immersed in.  I have pasted below a post that I wrote while carrying out an internship with Durban Botanic Gardens (South Africa) in June-July 2009.  For me, it was a defining moment that has shaped my future as an environmental educator.

16 June 2009

Tuesday I assisted in leading a Permaculture Program for 15 senior primary learners.  What an inspiring group!  These youngsters were incredibly enthusiastic about learning, and genuinely interested in understanding plants.  My American accent worked in my favor here, and the endearment was mutual.  As part of my usual process, I collected Straight Talk at the program’s conclusion.  One learner wrote, “This was one of the best days of my life!”   Who could ask for more??

Giving a seedling to DawnA student eager to take care of her own plant.

I am convinced that permaculture is one of the best growing systems for teaching about the natural world.  It’s almost like magic – no dig beds, EM, plants that are DOING so much for each other, even while looking innocently passive.  Insect-plant interactions, ecosystem awareness.  And chickens do the work to boot!  What a sensible system!  I am enrolled in a 10 day Permaculture Design Course that starts in two weeks, so I’ll keep you posted on new learning!


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