Fig Tree Community Garden, Newcastle

On the way from Purple Pear in Maitland to the Blue Mountains, I stopped by the Fig Tree Community Garden, which Mark & Kate recommended as a great example of a community garden designed with permaculture principles, that could be well-suited for a botanic garden setting.  Though it would have been worth traveling out of our way, as it turned out, the garden was right on our route.

“Your first act in the garden should be to pick a strawberry, a piece of celery, a bean or a pea and eat it. Not bad is it? If you don’t feel like work today then that’s OK because we are happy for you to enjoy the food from the garden anyway.” The Fig Tree Community Garden website goes on to explain the many different jobs that can be done in the garden, but only after a visitor has tasted the fruit!

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I have now seen a couple of community gardens (will post on the other – Katoomba Organic Community Gardens – shortly) and a community farm (Northey Street Farm), and all have been in the form of a cohesive design rather than segmented plots (or “allotment” gardens as they are called here), which seem to be the more common type of community garden in the U.S.  The cohesive design allows for a much more comprehensive approach to the garden, and seemingly, more interaction among gardeners.


One response to “Fig Tree Community Garden, Newcastle

  1. I like all the ways they communicate, but I especially like seeing those handsome boys enjoying the garden as well!

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