A history of permaculture worth reading

This is the first contemporary history I’ve seen of permaculture and found it extremely useful in understanding the evolution and varied personalities in the world of permaculture.  Many of the people mentioned I have met (or will) and many places mentioned I have seen (or will!)…

In 2007, ABC Organic Gardener magazine editor, Steve Payne, and Russ Grayson were approached by New Internationalist magazine to write a brief history of the permaculture design system, with particular focus on its formative years.

This is the article supplied to New Internationalist…



One response to “A history of permaculture worth reading

  1. Dear Erin,
    Thank you for your visit to our Permaculture Blue Mountains Inc (PBM) monthly meeting. Your research and information you shared is inspirational.

    Erin this is a wonderful blog and this incomplete history of Permaculture in Australia – a memoir by Russ Grayson is an invaluable document.
    Ciao from Maryanne
    Secretary of PBM

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