What is Djanbung?

…pronounced [zjahn-bung] (silent d), Djanbung is the local Wiyabul name for platypus.  The name was giving by a senior elder to what is now Djanbung Gardens, run by permaculturalist Robyn Francis.  An ancient story tells of the platypus reminding animals of their true names and relationships with each other and their environment.  By all appearances, an appropriate name for this 2.16 hectare (5.4 acres) garden situated in Nimbin, New South Whales.

With a mission to, “inspire, educate and empower people in earth-friendly and sustainable lifestyle and design,” Djanbung Gardens has come a long way since 1993, when it transitioned from dairy farming and cattle grazing to its present permaculture land management practices.

Though Robyn was in France during my visit, I took the self-guided tour, which lasted an enjoyable hour and a half.  I had the pleasure of encountering several interns who helped to further interpret the educational aspects of the gardens, but the map and details were so well-laid out that I didn’t get lost once (though I did backtrack when I realized I might be trespassing on snake habitat;  It was a warm, snakey kind of a day.) I found the booklet contained all the pertinent information I needed.  Rather than spell it out for you, please have a look at the slide show, interpreted with captions.

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