Permaculture and Environmental Learning in Botanic Gardens

While there is a wide body of literature on public gardens, and a growing body of literature on permaculture, there is virtually nothing published on the intersection of these two fields.  Until April of this year.

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With growing interest in the botanic world about permaculture and how it can be used in environmental learning,  Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) was keen to explore this topic in their quarterly Education Review, Roots. I coauthored an article along with Martin Clement, Gabrial Mngoma, and Nic Shaw that appeared in the April 2010 issue, that addresses some of the ways permaculture is such a natural fit for botanic gardens, particularly in environmental education.  Click the link below to download the article.

Article Citation:

Clement, M. Mngoma, G. Marteal, E. and Shaw, N. (2010) Permaculture & Environmental Learning in Botanic Gardens, Roots: Botanic Gardens Conservation International Education Review, vol. 7, no. 1.


4 responses to “Permaculture and Environmental Learning in Botanic Gardens

  1. Bravo, Erin! Loving the blog!!!! xoxoCaroline

    • Yay! Glad you are reading it. It’s certainly a great learning experience for me. I’m getting lots of ideas on how permaculture can fit into botanic gardens, and understanding better why it hasn’t already been embraced by the botanic garden world. Are you going back to Africa soon?

  2. Erin, can’t believe how much you have already managed to share with us; you’re so ambitious. Reading this is very inspiring. Hope you are enjoying every minute.

    The cheese making photos look just like the process in our kitchen!

    • Thanks for your comment Marcia! Glad you are enjoying the blog. It has been quite an adventure so far, and promises to continue in a similar vein. It is great to see so many different projects working independently toward common goals. One of the outcomes I hope my blog/work achieves is a kind of network among these great people and inspiring permaculture project. All the best to you and Garden-based Learning!

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